Hanimex success story dates back to 1980; as an import office for furniture and home accessories. Now we are proudly market leaders in the sector for more than 35 years offering diverse products to cater to individual needs along with major projects’ demands.

Over the years, our expansion plans extended to include more product lines; including indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, bathroom and kitchen accessories, office furniture, and much more. Currently we have 7 branches and more than 600 employees, operating all over Egypt, serving our end customers and a wide range of business projects alike. Besides, our factory in ‘Obour Industrial City” which serves the new sub-brand “Hanimex Industry”, manufacturing high quality wooden and steel products meeting internal and external demands. We proudly established our latest flagship mall at “New Cairo”, displaying Hanimex’s extensive line of products.

With our extended experience, 150 brands, 50 exclusive imported sole brands and our continuous expansions; we have grown to be able to cater to different market needs – ranging from major key projects in a multitude of directions to various Egyptian families looking for durable, trendy products - we satisfy the increasing demands for high quality goods as well as efficient after sales services.

At Hanimex, we take pride in always offering the newest trends and smart solutions to the Egyptian market without compromising quality and price, to ensure customer satisfaction.



To maintain our leadership, solid platform of comprehensive furnishing, driven by uncompromised quality, while ensuring our expansion plans are strategically patterned to constantly fulfill our clients’ needs.


To stay the client’s top choice when it comes to furnishing through providing products that combine high quality and innovation with functionality. Besides, building all necessary worldwide partnerships to provide quality interior solutions under one roof.


Being a family business, Hanimex’s work environment is driven by dedication and targeted towards one aim: Quality. We believe that honesty and trust are the keys to a successful business, which we owe our success to over the years and we hold a solid promise to continue this substantial philosophy through our generations.


Quality - Honesty – Diversity

At Hanimex we believe that quality is our element of differentiation and our priority through the years, which made clients and suppliers trust us and made our success - as business leaders - a flagship in the furnishing sector. Honesty through every step and diversity in our product ranges are the factors that paved the way to our growth and development.